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Gundam Diagram Wallpaper Front View by Phoxtane
Gundam Diagram Wallpaper Front View
This one was fun to do. The process was as follows:

- Scan the stickering guide from the RX-78-2 Gundam Gunpla model (Master Grade ver. 3.0)
- Clean up the image to remove the Japanese lettering and boxes and stickers and things, leaving only the numbers
- Copy over the part I wanted into a blank desktop file
- Create the two-tone effect

And I think it turned out pretty well!
Colorless Locomotive Test Renders by Phoxtane
Colorless Locomotive Test Renders
I like the ambient occlusion render look, so I went ahead and recreated it with the rendering toolchain that I use. First the file comes from Lego Digital Designer into the LDD-to-POVRay Converter, where I removed the base plane, turned off the shadows for the three default light sources, and changed all the colors on the model to the light blue-gray Lego color, and then finally rendered it with POV-Ray. I also did not render with outlines enabled, which added quite a lot of time for rendering. Keep in mind that it was not rendered as an ambient occlusion rendering, but in a raytracing program with some of the fancy effects disabled.

I'm sure this is an inefficient way to do this, but the entire software toolchain is free and works extremely well, with no errors, and I don't know how to use an LDraw-based modelling program. There are ways to convert from .lxf to .ldr, but the files are, by a rule, riddled with geometry errors, and the programs that *can* render .ldr files aren't free - Maya and 3DS Max, mainly.
Your PC r We're Just Error Desktop Wallpaper by Phoxtane
Your PC r We're Just Error Desktop Wallpaper
I saw this one on Tumblr as well (… ) - I went ahead and re-created it for my own purposes. Given the font, I assume it'll work best for those on Windows 8 or 8.1. I'll not be taking credit for the idea, of course, but it was a good refresher on how to set up the ruler lines in Photoshop for me.
Computer Over Desktop Wallpaper by Phoxtane
Computer Over Desktop Wallpaper
I came across this post (… ) on tumblr, and upon sharing the image with some people I know, got asked to make a desktop-sized version of my take on it! The concept credit of course goes to the original poster.
Hello again!

If you weren't aware (and you probably weren't) I am a member of the Colorado-Wyoming Lego User's Group - aka CoWLUG. We do displays at various events and are a huge crowd draw every time. Our members contribute everything from baseplates to buildings. If you don't mind the shameless plug, check us out here:

CoWLUG Displays: Laramie Train Show 2013 by Phoxtane
yaaay urt.

And now, for the new video: I brought my camera to this year's display, and got some neat footage from a specially-built camera car as well as timelapses from the tops of various buildings. It was well-lit enough that the footage is actually usable as well.


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